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Dino Zei Line Anonimo along with Col Dino Zei reconnects the master of Florentine Militare watchmaking with you most likely his original craftsmen, getting back a team steeped found in Italian tradition.

Combining the vision linked to Anonimo founder Federico Massacesi with the expertise within Dino Zei represents manufacturer new frontier in research in addition development in the subject matter of luxury and helpful watchmaking. These solid, macho and functional timepieces, accessible in limited quantities, are along with strictly mechanical movements, reviewing the famous and distincte Anonimo case production technique, to combine the cheapest with the best at most level. The Dino Zei line by Anonimo happens to be dedicated to the key points of value and primeur that are the reasons for all Anonimo creations.

The line is labeled for Col Dino Zei, the former Chairman and therefore CEO of one of the extremely famous Florentine companies, who is prestigious leadership was experienced for manufacturing and recommending technical equipment for an italian man , Navy. watch under 100 with the use of advanced actuations and rare calibers work Dino Zei in any category frequented by essentially the most enthusiastic watch collectors, despite the fact staying true to my philosophy of value available for money, ensuring that people every watch interest often be attracted. The Dino Zei Collection is the original expression of a long haul project whose goals should be use research and experimenting along with new processes in design and research.

In the production of people limited editions we deliver the use of major complications that incorporate together both movements and watchcase. As in the type of Opera Meccana Collection, creation and research express garment and shapes that undeniably fit the operative Individual they have been created for, maintaining the elective rigueur and absolute love of the Florentine the watchmaking industry principles that are logo of Anonimo creations forever of our company. Col Dino Zei, who is getting an integral part men and women design and technical team, is focused on view and development for our Dino Zei collection.