Commercial Property – Empty Car Dealership Dilemma and Opportunity


This collapse of the Car Industry both General Motor and Chrysler culled a wide array of auto dealerships by way of our nation. These available buildings are very in order to find lease, and the benefits not very easy to offer because these buildings are really much different than kinds of business. Basically possess a piece of real estate property with a giant automobile parking space and a big magnifying glaas building that isn’t far use for anything with all the a car dealership. Also sure, it can be utilized to sell boats, golf carts, electric cars, highend athletics activities cars, motorcycles or the like.

But buy here pay here car lots in Augusta Ga in recession not many of these kinds of types of businesses ‘re expanding and actually these industry subsectors have ended up hurt very hard. Naturally appear that any turn out going to recover ahead of when . What property users can now expect proven fact that old closed car automobile properties will remain clean until mid or longer, while the properties condition and decays. Of course, for those companies that want a piece of property, it does make feeling to buy up a well car dealership, scrape your home and turn the whole lot into something better in the future.

Of course, that does mean buying now while the costs are low and located on it for a year or two. Is it a good investment, yes probably. That can be always to say if there are not any environmental problems at auto dealership before it failed. Remember car dealerships also end up with auto garages and people work with many greases, oils, and environmental hazards, which could have seeped into the ground. Cost environmental cleanup of many of these properties is going pertaining to being rather insane and even perhaps prevent them from previously being sold again till the government decides to do something positive about them and clean each of them up.

Unfortunately, this always be at the taxpayer’s expense. Please receive all this if you are wanting to buy ad property.